Polish Language School

Polish Language lessons are offered during FALL semester (Sept. to Dec.) as well as SPRING semester (Jan. to May).

We offer lessons for adults and children (five yrs old & up).

Welcome to our FALL semester of Polish Language classes.
Fall semester starts the week of Sept 16th

Our children classes are on Wednesday at 6:00 pm

Our advanced adults class is on Saturday at 9 am.

Lessons for beginner adults are held on Thursday evenings at 6 pm

Other evenings are available upon demand.

For more information please contact kasia at 518-588-0977, or e-mail the Parish Office.

School operates on donations ...

Donations to the school should be no later than October 5, 2013

Requirement for Students and Parents for 2014

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Student Registration Forms

Why it is Valuable to Learn the Polish Language.(English Version)
Why it is Valuable to Learn the Polish Language.(Polish Version)


Take advantage of our program that enables everyone to learn basic vocabulary and quickly progress to more advanced comprehension and use.
Enrollment is currently open for Spring semester.

Teachers: Alicja Nowak, Alina Barnas Financial Secretary: Elizabeth G.Director: Kazia Lopatniuk